the art of doing FAVORS

“Doing Favors Day” Proclamation

Council Member
Jimmy Van Bramer
City of New York

Whereas: New York City, despite certain stereotypes to the contrary, is home to multitudes of kind, helpful and upstanding citizens who are eager to help those in need and assist their community whenever they are called upon; and

WHEREAS: These outstanding traits have taken center stage in national news following several large-scale crises over the last several decades, including recently with Superstorm Sandy, and have consistently been on display for those who reside in the city’s five boroughs; and

WHEREAS: Thanks to the efforts of Queens artist and resident Priscilla Stadler, with the support of the Queens Council on the Arts, there exists and opportunity to spurn the negative stereotypes and once again demonstrate the true quality and community-mindedness of New Yorkers; and

WHEREAS: In recognition of the banding together of community organizations, arts centers, and Queens schools to promote and execute the “FAVORS Party/Party FAVORS” event; now, therefore

BE IT KNOWN: That I, Jimmy Van Bramer, Council Member of the 26th District, hereby declares that April 19th, 2013 shall henceforth be known as

“Doing Favors Day”

in New York City.


Signed this 19th day of April in the year Twenty Thirteen.


Council Member, 26th District



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