the art of doing FAVORS

Community Partners

FAVORS community partners each bring unique perspectives to the theme of doing favors.

LaGuardia Performing Arts Center is integrating FAVORS events into its Rough Draft Festival in April.

The Flushing High School Drama Club has decided to recognize the unsung heroes of their school by doing FAVORS for them – anonymously.

Sunnyside Community Services Volunteer Program and Senior Programs will be doing FAVORS.

Immigrant Movement International, dedicated to Useful Art and the rights of immigrants, will be working with the mothers who use IM International for meetings and resource sharing, encouraging dialogue about the meaning of favors in their community.

Rockaway Waterfront Alliance will run a workshop and information event to encourage people to discuss favors in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning is planning activities related to FAVORS.

Long Island City Artists is encouraging its artists to do favors creatively and report them to the project.

Jackson Heights Green Alliance will encourage its members and the communities they work with to do favors.


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