the art of doing FAVORS

Call for Favors!

What have you done for someone lately? Or maybe someone’s done something for you?

Tell us the WHO, WHAT, WHERE and WHEN via:
a comment on the Favors Reported page
@doingFAVORS or #doingFAVORS on twitter, instagram
text or call the FAVORS hotline: 646-543-4715
write: Priscilla Studio, 44-02 23rd St. #421, Long Island City, N.Y., 11101
Artist Priscilla Stadler challenges the people of Queens – and beyond – to help smash the stereotype of New Yorkers as self-centered, competitive and cut-throat by doing FAVORS for friends, family and strangers in 2013.

But you don’t have to be in Queens to participate. Do a favor for anyone, anywhere.

While encouraging goodwill on a massive scale, the project also enables people to connect with others both in and beyond their own communities, and promotes dialogue about what it means to do favors for each other.
Images and short videos are encouraged to show the favors you do or receive.

Participation is open to all, both individuals and organizations. A favor should last under 3 hours (including transportation time) and should not involve money or coercion of any kind. And it has to be legal.
From November 6 – 23, the FAVORS installation, using materials from the writing, video and photo documentation for the project, will be at Space Gallery, 29-09 39th Avenue, Long Island City, NYC.

A favor can be small or large. It can involve laundry, listening, pet care, taking out the garbage, errands, philosophical discourse, or none of the above. If you decide to participate, the opportunities will present themselves and you’ll know what to do.

Questions? Contact Priscilla Stadler at doingFAVORS@gmail.com
For the FAVORS project, Stadler will work with community groups and arts organizations throughout Queens that will both interpret the theme of FAVORS creatively and encourage their constituents to do FAVORS. Our partner groups are: the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Long Island City Artists, Sunnyside Community Services, and Flushing High School. Each organization interprets the theme of FAVORS in ways that engage the communities they serve.


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